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Looking for more Swamp Base experiences beyond our summer high adventure treks? Swamp Base offers weekend trip options, special events like Swamp-o-rees, as well as off season Adult Leader Treks.

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Are you looking for a Scout campout and paddling trip, a way to practice for an upcoming high adventure trek to Swamp Base or somewhere else, or just want a quick trip to the swamp? If so, a weekend trip might be for you!

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Swamp Base annually hosts a Swamp-o-ree (like a camp-o-ree) event to celebrate the beauty of the swamp while also educating Scouts and testing their Scout-skills. These events take place during a weekend and include two night of camping with one day of activities. 


Experience the beauty of the swamp and the challenge of a high adventure trek without the responsibility of the youth! Sounds great, right? These adult leader only treks (must 21+ years old) take place outside of our summer trek season and are open to registered BSA leaders.

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