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register for a trek

To register your Scouts for a Swamp Base high adventure trek, please call 337-235-8552 or submit a "Trek Request" below. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 


A group of Scouts and registered adult leaders attending Swamp Base are called a "Trek Crew." Each Trek Crew consists of registered Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America or other accepted youth serving organization, including a minimum of two registered adult leaders. Swamp Base daily starts two Trek Crews on their high adventure journey from June 6 - July 15. Each Trek Crew consists of 8 to 11 people, which includes a minimum of 2 adult leaders. With two crews starting daily, a Scout unit can bring 16 to 22 people on a high adventure trek.


Standard Crews:

Daily from

June 6 to July 15


Provisional Crew:
June 18

There are several forms required to be completed prior to arriving for a Swamp Base trek. All of these forms must be brought with the Trek Advisor and reviewed with the Swamp Base staff during the Health Check. Find the forms [here].

  1. Must be a registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venture Scout, Sea Scout, or adult leader.

  2. Must be 13 years old on or before their trek Arrival Day.

  3. Must pass the BSA Swim Test as a Swimmer or Beginner before arrival.

  4. Must be in good health as evidenced by the BSA Health and [more...]

2024 & 2025 Participation Fees:

  • Trek crews of 10 to 11 = $745/person

  • Trek crews of 8 or 9 = $795/person

  • Trek crews with less than 8 people are required to pay the total amount due for a trek crew of 8 people ($6,360)

  • Provisional Paddlers = $795/person

  • See additional pricing info [here].

crew requirements

  1. At least half of the members in every crew must be youth.

  2. All participants must be registered members of a chartered unit, a Scouts, BSA Troop with proper leadership, a Venture Crew, or be a Council or district contingent with proper leadership (if co-ed, must have male and female adult leaders, age 21 or older).

In advance of the season, Swamp Base commits financial resources to employ staff, purchases food and program supplies, and secures gear to prepare for the high adventure season. Please review the refund policy prior to making a payment or requesting a refund.

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