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Swamp Base currently offers one high adventure trek, simply called Trek 1. The excursion ventures through remote swamplands and caters to Scouts and registered adult leaders.

Designed to highlight adventure and the vastness of the swamp, this trek program includes challenging tests of endurance and survival skills with specific lessons about the wetlands, cultures, and communities of South Louisiana, while at the same time promoting ecological conservation through an assortment of service learning activities.

If you're looking to experience all that you've heard about Louisiana and the swamp, then Trek 1 is for you! A 61.6-mile high adventure canoe trek through the western side of the Atchafalaya Swamp, Trek 1's program takes place over 6-days and 6-nights. The trek includes challenging tests of endurance with specific lessons about the environments, cultures, food, and communities of the Atchafalaya and South Louisiana.


  • Two crews start daily!

  • Paddle an average of 15.4 miles a day.

  • Join your crew’s fully trained Trek Guide for the entirety of the journey.

  • Introduce yourself to Louisiana’s unique cultures.

  • Come to understand the importance of our nation’s largest wetland ecosystem while staying on board the Swamp Base floating campsites.

  • Face the elements, and test your willingness to survive a night in the swamp at primitive Rougarou Island.

  • Get up close and personal with alligators on a swamp tour led by local guides!


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SB-Leaders Guide-2024-cover.jpg

The Swamp Base Leader’s Guide provides you with the information you’ll need in order to plan and prepare for your high adventure trek. To make sure you have the best possible time on your trek, we ask that you read this entire guidebook. Remember - A Scout is Prepared!


Trek crews of Scouts and adult leaders will spend 6 days and 6 nights in Louisiana, with 5-days and 4-nights of their time spent paddling through the swamp. Treks consist of canoeing 61.6 miles through the Atchafalaya. Click to see the trek itinerary.


Explore the vastness of Swamp Base's high adventure trail and programs through the 1.4 million acre Atchafalaya Swamp, located in South Louisiana. [more...]

SB-Trek Award patch description-standard patch.jpg


For those who conquer the swamp, they are awarded with the Swamp Base Trek Award. The patch represents the Swamp Base experience and features a real alligator’s tooth dangling from a tall, mysterious cypress tree.


Due to the daily paddling requirements necessary to complete the week-long program and the climate of south Louisiana in the late spring/early summer, the following items are recommended for all participants to bring with them. [continued...]


High Adventure is a rugged outdoor experi­ence and everyone should “Be Prepared” to meet the challenge. Swamp Base strives to minimize risks to participants and adult leaders through emphasizing proper safety precautions. [continued...]

Use this presentation to talk with your Scouts and leaders about signing up for a Swamp Base high adventure trek.

The presentation can be downloaded [here] or by clicking the image.

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