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Because you don’t want a vacation. You want a challenge. You want to overcome fears, do the unthinkable, and be better because of it.

This is Swamp Base. This is high adventure.


Swamp Base is about opening one’s eyes to a place they know very little about and proving that all the MYTHS they've heard about the swamp are simply wrong.

The bottom line is that Swamp Base is far more than just going to a summer camp or trek. It’s a life changing experience in a vastly misunderstood wilderness. It's about gaining self confidence, proving your worth, learning to support each other, and persevering through the toughest of days. The participants that have conquered the swamp since 2013 know the value of the experience and the benefits to their future and the swamp's.

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A wilderness far too intimidating for the casual outdoorsman, the Atchafalaya Swamp remains shrouded in mystery. But for the adventurous and the prepared, the swamp offers challenges to conquer and wonders to behold.


For many the Atchafalaya Swamp is a complex and challenging environment. Access to the diverse swamp is limited, and once inside landmarks are nearly non-existent. With the addition of fluctuating water levels that change dramatically with each season, the landscape transforms on an almost daily basis.

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To those who have the right tools and experience to tackle the swamp, they are rewarded with its endless beauty and immense possibilities for exploration!

Swamp Base currently offers one high adventure trek, simply called Trek 1. The excursion ventures through remote swamplands and caters to Scouts and registered adult leaders.



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