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For centuries, bald cypress trees filled the Atchafalaya Swamp. Though many of of the large stands of these trees were clear cut, some still remain. One of the most accessible is the Big Cypress area, part of the western side of the Henderson Swamp.

The Big Cypress Loop trail provides an excellent opportunity for Scouts to paddle within a dense forest surrounded by cypress trees. The trail begins at McGee's Swamp Tours. Paddlers will navigate the trail in a clock-wise fashion. While paddling, be on the lookout for fishermen that frequent the area, as the waters are perfect for bass, bream, and sac-a-lait.

  • Trail Rating:  Beginner

  • Distance:  3.6 miles

  • Estimated Time of Completion: 2.5 hours

  • Safety Concerns: Some open water paddling, including high winds and waves. Frequent boaters in open lakes.

  • What’s Cool?: Paddling among a dense grove of cypress trees with plenty of shade. The last stretch includes multiple osprey nests.

Level 1-Big Cypress Loop-map.jpg
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