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Eligibility for all participants (youth and adult):

  1. Must be a registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venture Scout, Sea Scout, or adult leader.

  2. Must be 13 years old before their trek begins. Age requirements for Swamp Base cannot be relaxed. Please do not request or expect exceptions. All youth participants are required to present proof of age before participating in the program. Appropriate ID includes ONE of the following:

    • School photo ID

    • Copy of a birth certificate

    • Passport

    • Valid government-issued ID

    • Those individuals who do not meet the minimum age requirements or do not present appropriate ID will be sent home, no exceptions. Help prevent a tragedy by adhering to the age policy and by bringing proper proof of age.

  3. Must pass the BSA Swim Test before arrival as either a "Swimmer" or "Beginner." Those determined as "Learners" will not be able to participate.

  4. Must be in good health evidenced by a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record filled out and signed by your doctor within the past 12 months.

  5. MUST MEET THE HEIGHT/WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS FOR HIGH ADVENTURE PARTICIPATION. THE MAXIMUM WEIGHT FOR A PARTICIPANT IS 295 POUNDS. Participants weighing in excess of 295 pounds may be sent home at their own expense.

  6. Must know and use the Scout Oath and Law as their guide to appropriate behavior during their trek.

Adult Requirements:

  1. All registered adults must have completed the BSA Youth Protection Training or Venturing Youth Protection Training.

  2. Each trek crew must have at least one adult currently trained in CPR, First Aid, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, and Weather Hazards. All adults need not be trained and the training may be shared among the adults, except all registered adults must have Youth Protection Training.

Trek Crew Requirements:

  1. At least half of the members in every crew must be youth.

  2. All must be registered members of a chartered unit, a Scouts, BSA Troop with proper leadership, a Venture Crew, or be a Council or district contingent with proper leadership (if co-ed, must have male and female adult leaders, age 21 or older).

NOTE: The required medical history and evaluation do not always screen out participants for our high adventure program. For example, individuals who are obese will not function well in a canoe. Getting in and out of the water is extremely difficult, and the sleeping quarters are small. Individuals with physical disabilities may be able to enjoy our programs if the disabilities are known and necessary precautions are taken. Further, individuals with respiratory or heart problems must discuss with their doctors the challenges of strenuous activity.

NOTE: Please remember that a Scouts, BSA Troop is not a co-ed unit. The only way a co-ed group can attend is with proper co-ed leadership or as a member of an approved Council contingent with proper co-ed leadership.

IMPORTANT: Swamp Base requires two adult leaders on all treks, regardless of length. For Troops, one of the adults must be over the age of 21; the other must be at least 18 years of age. For Venture Crews, both leaders must be at least 21, and if the crew is co-ed, you must have co-ed leadership. If you have more than one trek crew attending, each trek crew must have at least two adult leaders.

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