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Participation deposits and fees are charged to all Scouts and adult leaders. Each participant’s participation fee must be paid in full before arriving to Swamp Base.

2025 Participation Fees:

  • Trek crews of 10 to 11 = $745/person

  • Trek crews of 8 or 9 = $795/person

  • Trek crews with less than 8 people are required to pay the total amount due for a trek crew of 8 people ($6,360)

  • Provisional Paddlers = $795/person

Payment Schedule:

  • Trek Deposit – At the time of registration

    • $500 non-refundable deposit per trek crew is required to hold a trek date. No participation numbers or roster numbers are needed at this time.

    • The deposit can be paid with a credit card by calling 337-235-8552 or through a mailed check made out to "Louisiana Swamp Base." If mailing a check, please call 337-235-8552 to inform Swamp Base staff that a check is in the mail. This will ensure that a date is not taken while the check is in the mail.

  • 1st Payment Due – October 2, 2024

    • $2,500 non-refundable per crew is due at this time. No participation numbers or final roster is needed at this time. A check made out to "Louisiana Swamp Base" is required for payment. No credit cards will be accepted.  If a crew registers after October 5th, Swamp Base will work with the Scout unit on a payment plan.

  • Final Payment Due – March 3, 2025

    • Remaining balance/complete payment and final roster is due on this day. Note: The Final Roster will determine the remaining balance owed. A check made out to "Louisiana Swamp Base" is required for payment. No credit cards will be accepted.

Damage Deposit:

  • Each crew is required to post a $500 damage deposit by March 1st. If you have multiple crews, you must have a deposit for each one.

  • The damage deposit must be in the following form: Check, made out to "Louisiana Swamp Base."

  • At the end of the season, Swamp Base will review any intentional damages made to gear or facilities and then deduct the cost of replacement from the damage deposit. If no damages are found, or damages are accidental, then the damage deposit check will be shredded by September 1st of the participating year.

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