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The Henderson Swamp is approximately 7,000 acres in size, and is the most well known portion of the Atchafalaya Swamp. With the Interstate 10 bridge bisecting it, the Henderson Swamp is viewed by hundreds of thousands of motorists each year. Unfortunately for them, their only view of this vast swamp is from the bridge.

The Henderson Swamp trail provides an excellent opportunity for Scouts to view the swamp firsthand. The trail begins at McGee's Swamp Tours. Depending on the wind direction, paddlers will head east or west from McGee's and then circumnavigate the area. While paddling, be on the lookout for remnant cypress trees (cut over 100 years ago, flocks of birds flying above, and plenty of human activity on the water. With its ease of access from the interstate, the Henderson Swamp is a popular destination.

  • Trail Rating:  Advanced

  • Distance:  10.2 miles

  • Estimated Time of Completion: 6 hours

  • Safety Concerns: Open water paddling, including high winds and waves. Frequent boaters in open lakes.

  • What’s Cool?: Paddling under the interstate is bizarre, and viewing the swamp is even more beautiful when you're on the water.

Henderson Lake Bigeaux loop.jpg
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