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Refund Policy

  • All fees (Trek Deposit, 1st Payment, and Final Payment as indicated in fee payment schedule) are *non-refundable.

  • Only the 1st Payment and Final Payment are transferable to the balance of fees in the event of cancellation or substitution of trek to another Scout unit. Trek Deposits cannot be transferred amongst Scout units.

  • If a participant is unable to attend, payments may be transferred to a substitute participant that is replacing a member of your Trek Crew. Please confirm with the Swamp Base director if you plan to substitute any trek crew member. Failure to confirm with the director may result in the participant being unable to attend.

  • Be cautious of making reservations or paying fees for those who have not made a financial commitment.


*In advance of the season, Swamp Base commits financial resources to employ staff, purchases food and program supplies, and secures gear to prepare for the high adventure season.

Refunds for Weather Related Events
In the unlikely event that weather conditions beyond our control (hurricanes, tropical storms, floods or extreme temperatures) prevent the completion of your scheduled trip, an alternative program may be offered. In the case of cancellation due to extreme weather conditions, fees will be refunded based on the percent of the programs cancelled. Crews that did not participate in any part of their program will be refunded 100% of their fees paid, except for participation fee deposits**. Note: Swamp Base is not able to refund any fees related to meals, lodging, or transportation incurred as a result of an evacuation. These expenses remain the responsibility of the crew.

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