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High Adventure is a rugged outdoor experi­ence and everyone should “Be Prepared” to meet the challenge. Swamp Base strives to minimize risks to participants and adult leaders through emphasizing proper safety precautions. Participants should not experience injury during their adventure if they are aware of the risks involved and if they exercise proper safety precautions. To attend a trek through the Atchafalaya Swamp you should be physically fit, have proper clothing and equipment, be willing to follow the instructions of your trek guide, work as a team, and take responsibility for your own health and safety. By studying the Leader’s Guide for your particular trek and the Guide to Safe Scouting, a trek crew can be properly prepared for the contingencies that may arise during its adventure.


Parents, leaders, and participants should be advised that despite our best attempts at risk management, it is not possible to remove ALL risk from a wilderness expedition.

Parents, guardians, adult leaders, and participants are advised that Swamp Base’s program can involve exposure to accidents, illness, and/or injury associated with a physically demanding high adventure program conducted in a sometimes hostile aquatic environment. Participants may be exposed to severe weather conditions such as high heat and humidity, dangerous thunderstorms, and intense southern sun. This exposure can lead to sunburn, heat exhaustion, dehydration, asthma, and heart attacks.


We are trained for emergencies and able to act in an expedient manner. Furthermore, professional medical services such as EMTs and paramedics will be on call in case of an emergency.

We hope this information will motivate parents, guardians, adult leaders, and participants to be prepared and informed. By being prepared, we can all enjoy a safe Swamp Base experience.

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